Photorealistic Digital Doubles

In 2012, after graduating from the ENS Louis Lumière, I joined a start-up called EISKO. This company was dedicated to the production of accurate and photorealistic 3D models called digital doubles, for cinema and video-games.

EISKO's studio in Paris.

At the head of the R&D of capture systems, I was covering from theoretical researches, hardware design to software control and image processing framework development. I was also in charge of on-set capture sessions. Here is for example a souvenir from Atlanta with Margot Robbie.

Capture of Margot Robbie for I, Tonya

My research was essentially focused on the BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) acquisition of the human skin. It was essentially decomposing the interaction of the light with the skin to enrich rough geometry data and to guarantee photorealistic renderings in any environments.

Material Maps : Occlusion, Scattering, Specular, Diffuse, Normals, Displacement.
Louise rendered by Leif Pedersen from Pixar Renderman Team.