artist :: researcher

As a PhD student at École Normale Supérieure in Paris,
hosted by the SACRe Program (Sciences, Arts, Creation, Research),
my artworks and research focus on pictorial abstract composition.




PhD Project

A few years ago, I began to draw and collect small compositional structures that float without frames. As this personal database reached 5k elements and increased in complexity, the internal harmony principles, intuitively supported by a recurrence of gestures and specific combinations, have remained veiled. This lack of descriptors and measuring tools to understand the basic mechanisms of pictorial composition perception became the starting point of my research. This PhD project began in 2018 and is hosted by SACRe (Sciences, Arts, Creation, Research), a program merging research and artistic creation.



Feel free to contact me for any interaction around visual composition, from computational modeling to creative experiments.
Please find my email, twitter and linkedin at the bottom of the page.